Cultivating Artistry and Character

The School of Canton Ballet, under Artistic Director Jennifer Catazaro Hayward, focuses on fostering a deep appreciation for accomplishment and joy in its students and pre-professional dancers. Offering age-tailored training from toddler to adult, the school not only hones performers but also nurtures responsible, determined individuals equipped with enduring soft skills applicable across diverse fields.

Transformative Training

The lifelong attributes of drive, determination, and discipline that the School of Canton Ballet instills in its students transcend their chosen career paths. From the beginning, dance students learn the vital skills of setting clear objectives, effectively directing their energy, and ultimately achieving these goals — shaping responsible adults, educators, choreographers, designers, informed audience members, engaged volunteers, and potential future patrons.

Financial Assistance Program

The School of Canton Ballet is proud to offer opportunities for tuition assistance for students based on minority status, financial need, gender, and merit through its Financial Assistance Program. Requests must be made by August 9 each year. Applications and requirements are available in the school office or in a PDF format that may be downloaded from the link provided. Decisions are made and student families notified about the amount of assistance they will receive by August 30. Financial Aid recipients at the advanced intermediate level and above must assist in children’s classes in the school as a condition of their participation in the program.

Boys’ Scholarships are provided to boys and young men beginning at age 7 by September 1. No application is necessary.

​Meet Our Alumni

​Stepping Into Success

Join us in honoring the extraordinary achievements of our alumni, each a testament to the transformative power of dance and the enduring impact of the Canton Ballet legacy.