Training for Dance and Life

The School of Canton Ballet is divided into four primary divisions: Children, Student, Pre-Professional, and Recreational. Children, Student, and Pre-Professional divisions are composed of two or more levels each. Dancers in the levels of the Student and Pre-Professional divisions are then grouped again based on the unique training needs of each individual dancer.

2023 Fall Classes Begin: Week of September 4.

*It is important to note that while students in the Children division primarily advance by age, dancers in the Student and Pre-Professional divisions progress according to multiple factors, including but not limited to age, merit, and maturity. Advancement through the School is an individualized process, and it is possible for a student to spend two or more years at a certain level in the program before progressing to the next. It is also possible for a dancer to shift between one grouping within a level to another. While levels are based on overall skill, groupings are tailored to dancers who have similar strengths and areas for improvement. 

All School of Canton Ballet employees are fully certified in Red Cross First Aid/CPR procedures.  All faculty have passed a criminal background check. * Age by August 1, 2023


​Embrace the Artistry, Challenge & Joy of Dance!

Join us this school year under the guidance of Artistic Director Jennifer Catazaro Hayward. Enroll now to embark on a journey where each step is a celebration of achievement and a testament to the satisfaction of a job well done.